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2014-09-04 10:34 pm

pricing and availability as a massage therapist

I am licensed as a massage therapist by the state of Arizona and I am a member of AMTA. You can verify me here on the Arizona Board of Massage Therapy's web-site.

I operate my private practice as a massage therapist out of a private room for massage in my house in Mesa, AZ. Alternatively, I am also typically willing to travel to your house; an additional travel fee will apply to cover the time it takes to pack everything up + gas + transit time.

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I can be contacted to schedule an appointment via email (ftfisher@gmail.com) or private message here on Dreamwidth.

If you have an idea of what, if any, particular issues you are looking to address with massage therapy, please let me know when you contact me. Also, if you have any conditions or injuries, letting me know in advance is better. (It gives me a chance to do any relevant research!)