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massage therapy, disability, and alternative medicine

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Name:Felicity Fisher
My name is Felicity Fisher. I live in Mesa, Arizona with my husband and his brother and sister-in-law. I am a licensed massage therapist by trade; currently, I work at the spa of a five diamond resort. I am also a pre-med student and a writer.

This journal is my professional blog wherein I write about massage therapy and working as a massage therapist. My primary interest is in managing chronic pain conditions and the ways in which massage therapy can alleviate and treat chronic pain. I have a particular familiarity with joint tissue disorders, specifically Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but I am also quite familiar with fibromyalgia and a few other disorders, and I am always interested and willing to learn more about others.

I may also speak about massage therapy and disability regularly: not just massage therapy's place in treating people with disabilities and the logistical issues therein, but about the logistical issues of performing massage therapy when one is herself mildly disabled. As yet undiagnosed chronic joint pain leaves me mildly disabled; mildly hyperflexible joints require that I alter the way I use my hands in my massage.

In the past, I have worked outside of massage therapy as phone tech support for property management systems (that would be the software hotels use to manage their rooms and booking, etc.), and I have been involved in information technology since I was a child. This means I may also choose occasionally to talk about technology, women in technology, and about being an activist employed in the technological sector. I have also worked as a front desk agent at all levels of hotel/motel hospitality.

My activism regarding sexism, racism, ableism, classism, and other forms of prejudice is fairly low-key but integral to my sense of self and professional ethics -- regardless of what field I work in at any given time.
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