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As a novelty, I thought I'd try posting some actual content on this journal. Considering the last thing I posted was, uh, four years ago, any content at all ought to qualify as pretty darn novel.

At any rate: to start off, let us have a rousing round of Ask A Licensed Massage Therapist! Got any burning questions about massage therapy, bodywork, or related fields? I will try to answer all comments here promptly, even if the answer is "Iunno, let me look that up and get back to you."

For the Amateur

Date: 2013-01-03 09:41 pm (UTC)
woggy: Kiriya (male protagonist from Kare First Love manga) (Kiriya)
From: [personal profile] woggy
Not a professional, but still interested in being able to provide good massage as a tension relief and/or foreplay element. Are there any particular medical concerns I should be aware of, ways to truly mess up one's partner?

General advice on Good Things to Do wouldn't be amiss, either, but the Bad Stuff To Avoid is what I don't know.

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